We believe that immigrating to Canada is a blessing, and that happiness is the result of persistence. Many immigrants face dilemmas that makes them consider going back to their country of origin. It is our philosophy that if you are capable of coming to Canada, then you are more than capable to stay. We believe that every immigrant that returns to their country of origin is a loss not only for the immigrants themselves but for Canadian society as well for the loss of potential. Therefore it is our purpose to build a community to support them in overcoming hardships so that they may stay in Canada and prosper.


To endure and persist despite hardships
To support and encourage each other
To build community and belonging
To be a positive influence to others and the community
To live and to prosper in Canada together

Rules and Regulations During Live Meet-ups

Please dress formally during our live gatherings in order to maintain the club’s image
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Honor the elderly as we do our own parents, and care for other’s children as one’s own
Please praise instead of criticize, you don’t want to be judgmental.
Use “Please”, “Thank you”, and “Excuse Me, Pardon Me”
Follow good social habits
During discussions, always follow our Rules & Regulations.
Respect one another.
While you are free to discuss any topic, please be aware of time so that others may speak as well.
Practice good listening skills, do not interrupt, do not criticize, do not correct nor to be judgmental

Content Policy for the Online Forum

During discussion using our online forum, same rules apply.
Additionally, please leave your name and contact information in order to verify your identity, this is not an anonymous forum?
We reserve the right to take down any forum posts without notice should it violate our rules and regulations.

Content is prohibited if it:

• Is illegal
• Does not pertain to the discussion
• Threatens, harasses, or bullies
• Encourages or incites violence
• Is spam

Immigrants can be likened to that of a tree. First generation immigrants are the foundation, the tree trunks, and their children are the roots in the soil. In order to immigrate to Canada they must first uproot themselves from their homeland. Therefore, it is imperative that they plant themselves firmly onto new soil in order for the tree to stay healthy. One must not waver in this situation because constantly uprooting would result in an unhealthy tree. One must have the resolve and strength to stay rooted onto this new soil so that the tree roots may grow to become strong and healthy so that it may one day support the weight of the newly grown up tree and blossom. Using this metaphor, it seems that to firmly establish oneself in a new country would take two generations time before they can see the fruits of their labour. First generation would root themselves to Canada, and the second generation would establish communities and bonds. That is not to say the first generations are simply the stepping stone in this process. Indeed, they are the foundation to this endeavor. It is through their unwavering foundation on which we build a prosperous future.